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Course Description

Personal Sales Skills – 1-Day Training – Open Course or In-House Training

People buy from people and this is never more important than when a sales person goes out to sell to a prospect for the first time. In this 1-day training course in personal selling, you will learn about yourself as a sales-person: How does your body language, speech pattern, and personality interact with your buyer and how they buy.

Next, you will learn about and practice Benchmark’s tried and tested formula for selling involving how you establish contact with the buyer, how to find out what is important to the buyer, and how to sell your benefits with explosive vocabulary. This course will also train you in best practices for recovery lines and how to close the sale professionally.

Benchmark believes that training should be fun. Practical sessions will engage you with competitions and quizzes and lively discussion will follow theoretical training.

Who should attend?

New and existing sales personnel who go out and meet customers – either for the first time or on repeated visits – in order to keep the sales process going.

Course Outcome

When you leave this course, you will be equipped with the skills to improve your interpersonal interaction with buyers to sell most effectively. You will also learn best practices in how to establish contact with your customer, ask the right questions, sell benefits, and close the deal.

Course Content

This course will cover the following topics:

– The Salesperson / Buyer Relationship:  Evaluate your body language, speech patterns, and personality as well as the buyer’s

– Establishing Contact with the Buyer: How to make them feel important

– Explore: How to ask the right questions to find out what that buyer wants, needs, and is important

– Selling Benefits: How to talk features and sell benefits with explosive vocabulary that will explain your products and services well.

– Recovery Lines

– Closing the sale professionally and effectively

Course Cost

The cost of this course is £200 + VAT and this fee covers all instruction and materials.

Free parking is available.

This course is also available as in-house training. Please enquire for details.

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