Cold Calling

Cold Calling

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Course Description

Cold Calling by Telephone – 1-Day Training – Open Course or In-House Training

Do you often try to sell something over the phone and find that the would-be client is not interested or does not have the time to speak to you at that moment?

This 1-day workshop will make cold calling simple by breaking your sales calls into six distinct areas: objective planning, engaging the receptionist, catching the attention of the decision-maker, persuasive vocabulary,  recovery lines for handling objections, and closing effectively and succinctly.

The learning style of this cold calling course is a mix of competitions and quizzes, practical theory, practical sessions, and discussion where we can tackle any cold calling issues you have in your organisation.

Who should attend?

Anyone within your company who is charged with finding new customers through phone contact – be it cold calling, following email shots, mailers or networking contacts.

This workshop is also available as in-house training for organisations.

Course Outcome

When you leave this course, you will be equipped with the skills to engage and sell your future cold call clients.

Course Content

This course will cover the following topics:

The 6 Distinct Areas of Cold Calling

– Objective planning: Know where you want to be to how you get to get to the client

– Making the first call: Engaging with the receptionist and getting that gatekeeper to help you get to the decision maker

– Speaking with the decision maker: Using an opening hot button statement, 5 distinct areas of questioning to help you find the benefit to offer

– Persuasive vocabulary to help you hit the mark every time

– Recovery lines for handling objections

– Closing effectively and succinctly

Course Cost

The cost of this course is £200 + VAT and this fee covers all instruction and materials.

Free parking is available.

This course is also available as in-house training. Please enquire for details.

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