Is anyone else missing the handshake?

In this time of Pandemic, masks and social distancing I have to say the one thing that I am missing – apart from hugs – is the HANDSHAKE!

Meeting a prospect for the first time in business, the handshake allowed you to get the ‘measure’ of that person.

How many different handshakes have you encountered in your years in business?  I reckon here are a few you may recognise:

The Wet Fish:   the person who holds your hand without shaking and the hand is clammy and sweaty and makes you want to rub your hand down the side of your outfit to rid you of the sensation

The Not Quite Handshake:   the person barely touches your hand and sweeps past your fingertips without making much contact (the equivalent of the air kiss!)

The Bone Crusher:    the person who squeezes your hand really hard to show how big and important they are!  (it really hurts more if you are wearing a large piece of jewellery too!)

The Pump:  the person who grabs your elbow as you are shaking hands and pumps away at your whole arm.

The Minister:    this person grabs your hand and quickly covers it over with their other hand, clasping your hand firmly in between their two hands

The Shakey Handy:     this person grabs your hand and enthusiastically shakes it up and down with a grin on their face and leaning into your space

The Is there anyone more interesting in this room:   this person will shake your hand but not give you eye contact – in fact they will look behind you to see who is more interesting in the room!

The Wet Lettuce:    this person places their hand in yours and leaves it there – no shaking – no interaction – just lets it rest!

The Close Encounter:   this person grabs your hand and pulls you into a closer position so that you are invading each other’s ‘personal space’.

The Upper Hand:  this person offers their hand with the palm facing downwards so that they are above you!

The Walking Away:  this person doesn’t face you straight on they move their feet – and their shoulder so that they are sideways onto you – as if they can’t wait to get away!

The best handshake (in my opinion?)   the hand goes right into the palm (web to web) – it is shaken 2 or 3 times – there is plenty of eye contact – the feet face forward – there is a smile/look of concern on the face.

This takes seconds to accomplish – however what lasing impression does it hold?

Bring back the handshake – quickly followed by hand sanitiser!