I’m never sure, when I see testimonials on an email or on a website whether they would influence me to buy from that company.

With all the online ratings that are around (Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Google reviews etc) it’s difficult to know what is real and what is fabricated to make the company look better.

Here at Benchmark I collect testimonials for a variety of reasons:


  1. It tells me how the trainees have found the training session with me – good or bad, because very day is a school day and I’d rather they tell me (if it’s bad) than someone else!
  2. I can use them on marketing – either online or hard copy – as some people will be influenced by it – and it might help their buying decision
  3. It tells me which parts of my training is the most effective 
  4. I can re-read these testimonials for inspiration when the orders are slow in coming in!


From a recent session, trainees were asked the following questions:

Please indicate what you found the MOST useful/stimulating/enjoyable about the course

Please indicate anything you found the LEAST useful/stimulating about the course