The Service

The service is operated by Margaret Hartley and it is her skills that are charged for.
Margaret Hartley has been training in everything communication for over 25 years and specializes in training Cold Calling Made Simple. Because of the training aspect, it is important that I ‘practise what I preach’ – hence the offering of telemarketing.

Telemarketing covers many disciplines:

  • Qualifying prospects and making appointments
  • Following up email/mailshots
  • Following up networking contacts
  • Selling products/services
  • Keeping in touch with contacts – e.g. ‘courtesy calls’
  • List cleaning, where the client has the data, however not the contact name, email address or postal address

Benchmark believes in everything being trackable and has set up a spreadsheet formula which has worked for many clients. 

This spreadsheet records dates of conversations with prospects and is coded for the outcome – this means you can track successes and comment on conversations recorded.

If you have an accessible CRM system, Margaret is happy to work remotely on your system.


Benchmark will set up the spreadsheet, however, asks the client – for GDPR reasons – to supply their own data/list of prospects to be used, which should be TPS (telephone preference service) screened.

Benchmark is able to access data from a reliable and reputable broker if required – please ask for a quotation.

Benchmark works for a minimum of 10 hours per month and asks for minimum contract of 3 months.

The 10 hours are spread over a calendar month – 2 hours on 5 days – which means that prospects who are unavailable can be contacted another day.  All hours are logged and available for scrutiny.

Margaret Hartley always works as part of the company – not calling ‘on behalf of the company’ and will leave voicemails with your details on for them to contact you directly.

If appointments are requested, the client’s diary needs to be made available before each calling session.

Once an appointment is made it is the responsibility of the client to confirm it by email and – if necessary – change it, move it or respond to the prospect.

If a prospect contacts you directly it is requested that you alert Benchmark so as not to duplicate calls and waste time.

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