Imagine a training course or motivational talk that could get you – or your staff – to try new ideas immediately following the course – and also be reminded of their new skills over the following weeks.

That’s exactly what Benchmark does!

I started Benchmark 25 years ago and have been updating and upgrading my training courses at regular intervals in order to meet a changing marketplace and also a vastly changed economy.

Starting with a small portfolio of courses, I rapidly expanded the offerings Benchmark gave so that I could meet the demands of customers and clients alike. Please click on the banner above to see the courses that I run – and also the competitive prices.

My training is run in a very relaxed and informative atmosphere and every course is constructed to appeal to all learning styles. Discussion sits happily alongside practical sessions and competitions and quizzes work well with theory and the retention of learning.

Not only are the courses that I run down to earth and practical, many of the skills imparted can be used the next day – and be successful. Not only that – I continue the learning with a ‘tip of the week’ which lands in the trainee’s email inbox which both refreshes and revitalises their new skills.

I run regular ‘open’ courses if you have maybe one or two members of staff to train, however, I also specialise in ‘in house’ training where I will come and train a whole department or several departments – and in many instances – the whole company!