I’m a firm believer that if you can’t do it – you can’t train it – so 20 years ago I offered my services out as a telemarketer – working on behalf of companies and individuals who didn’t have the time/inclination to make those all important first calls.

I’ve worked with some fabulous companies over the years and offered the following range of services:

  • Profiling their ideal customer
  • Buying the details of those customers – ready to call
  • Constructed a database which is shared between myself and the client
  • Determining the objective of the campaign and what each call will do
  • Giving feedback – at every stage of the campaign – to the client
  • Analysing the calls and campaign statistically at the end of the campaign


Every call made is made from the company and not ‘on behalf of’ – I become a natural extension of your company.

I can – arrange meetings (I never call them appointments, too clinical!) – follow mailers – do market research – confirm exhibition attendance  – gain information. The choice is yours!

Give me a call for a quote – each campaign is different – unique and important

Persuasive – powerful – persistent