open courses

As the name suggests, our ‘Open Courses’ are available for anyone to book.

We provide a comprehensive range of training courses covering subjects including Reception Skills, Personal Sales Skills, Time Management and many more!

The trainee rate includes:

  •  Personal invitation to attend the course
  •  All course stationery and files
  •  Action Plan per trainee
  •  Morning & afternoon refreshments and lunch
  •  Certificate of attendance
  •  A ‘tip of the week’ delivered to the trainee’s inbox for 4 weeks following the course

Most courses are run at the South Milford Hotel, Leeds LS25 5LF (junction of the A1 and M62) with loads of free parking, oodles of coffee and a very warm welcome.

Please see below for the full range of courses, along with a link to book your place on the latest relevant course.

Cold Calling Made Simple

The prospect you are calling is not waiting for your call, so your call has to be enticing and well planned for them to listen to you. This course takes you through the formula for success.

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Many customers stop buying because of an ‘attitude of indifference shown to them by one or more person representing the supplier’ – this course shows how to correct this face to face, by telephone & by email.

Professional Telephone Techniques

The caller cannot see you – they only hear you – this course will show you how to use the VAL factor (voice, attitude & listening) to gain their attention and make them feel important.

Reception Skills

The receptionist is often the first impression a potential customer, a supplier, a candidate for work, gets of your company. This course makes sure it is a good and lasting impression.


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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021 Newsletter

The Benchmark Summer 2021 Newsletter features richest people in the world, most inspirational teachers, open training courses from Benchmark and much more.  Click below to download a copy.  

Testimonials – Bragging or Embracing?

Testimonials – Bragging or Embracing?

I’m never sure, when I see testimonials on an email or on a website whether they would influence me to buy from that company. With all the online ratings that are around (Trip Advisor, Trust Pilot, Google reviews etc) it’s difficult to know what is real and what is...

It’s the Little things that Count

It’s the Little things that Count

I’m a huge advocate of Good Customer Service – I train it all the time and I’m always on the look out for new ideas, so when I experience something new, I like to see if Benchmark can use it. I recently bought some stunning pearl earrings from The House of Briar (on...

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