I received a very late Christmas card last year – so late it arrived in January – however it really caught my eye!

Being a dog lover – and owning a lurcher and a border collie – both renowned for thieving, the card made me smile!  It’s simple, cheeky and effectively conveys the message of Christmas food.

I always buy my Christmas cards in the sale (yes, I know I’m a cheap skate) however I do buy from charities so I immediately Googled ‘Mince Pie Eyes’ and it gave me this company:

I filled in the form and ordered 3 packs (I have lots of friends who are dog lovers and they will appreciate this card in Christmas 2021). On the form it asked me the question ‘How did you hear about us’?  Now I guess they meant Perennial, however I took it to be the card and stated ‘Christmas card’.  Looking back, maybe that was a mistake, however it led me to Perennial so maybe not!

I love it when companies ask this question – and so many don’t!  

You need to ask – and note – where each lead/order comes from so that you know where your marketing is working.

I was even more delighted when the packs of cards arrived and inside the package there was a sheet of paper which described the items I had bought and then stated they had been picked and packed by:

Margaret – Volunteer

It was even signed…………………a lovely personal touch which – again – I feel a lot of companies miss out on.  Anything that can be signed off – in person – especially in personal handwriting – makes the recipient feel important.

So!  Anyone wanting to buy this card – log onto https://shop.perennial.org.uk/ – you won’t be disappointed.

And there’s another thing – if people like something – they share it.  So I’ve shared this with you and I hope that if you like the card you’ll buy it and help someone who works in agriculture.

Happy new year