The more Time Management courses I deliver and run, the more I am convinced that the infrastructure of your life – your business – you relationships is all about infrastructure.

I talk about Covey’s 4 quadrants – the difference between important and urgent and how you need to plan important tasks into your ‘to do’ list, however if you haven’t got the infrastructure right for the important tasks – you might as well not bother!

Take for example, I was running a personal development plan for a company recently and we were talking about time management and projects and how important that getting the basics is right. One guy said that he thought the company was too ‘process led’ and then proceeded to describe the system which he had evolved for shopping – the way he packed the bags at the checkout to mirror the cupboards in his kitchen to save time putting things away. That’s an awesome infrastructure!

I am probably one of the most untidy people you could meet, however when I needed to really watch the pennies and tighten my belt to ensure the success of Benchmark, the infrastructure for filing that I evolved meant I could see what was happening very quickly and made informed and effective decisions. All down to the filing system (no more lost receipts) and my accounting software (thanks to CGA my accountants)

Add to that the infrastructure I have for housework. Anyone who knows me will know that this is my bete noire! I have 3 dogs and a desire to live in a home not a show piece – hence I don’t rush around plumping up cushions and mopping floors or wiping the paintwork down until I can see a difference to where I’ve been! I now have ‘routine maintenance’ – Monday is mopping night, Tuesday is dusting night, Wednesday is ceiling and cobweb night – you get the picture. A few minutes spent every day reduces the overall task – ie a big task is lots of little ones added together

Words of wisdom? Get the infrastructure right and the time and effort will be repaid within days filing.