Case Studies


GREEN-TECH – Summer 2019

The requirement:

Roger McGivern, Green-Tech’s Sales Manager requested:

Green Tech have outlined the following areas they wish to be covered and with what (potential numbers) and a preferred training day of Friday during July/August

1)      Basic sales and cold calling, covering making that first call, planning, preparation and how to get the best out of each sales call made. Approx. 17 candidates (we may round up and add others in to fill 2x sessions).

2)      Handling difficult conversation, covering subjects such as returns, late deliveries, disputes, credits, not just saying yes to every request and how to deliver and manage bad news. Approx. 34 Candidates

3)      Face to face conversations, preparing and planning for meetings, how to conduct a meeting and communicate effectively when on visits etc Approx. 20 candidates

Benchmark went to see Green-Tech and advised of the following proposal:

Three sessions were designed – under the headline ‘Future Fridays’ as they were run on Fridays and were looking to the future:

Let’s Go Large  (how to maximise each conversation)

Objective of the training: ensure all trainees understand:

The power of the phone over email

The importance of the ‘red list’ and how to manage it

How to structure a telephone call – Greet – Listen –

Ask – Suggest – Seal (both incoming and outgoing)

Open Questions

Appropriate familiarity and respect

Competent Communication

Objective of the training: preparing for a meeting (customer or supplier)

Full communication:  body language, words & tone of voice

Effective tricks:  names – business cards – hand shakes – 

Personality checking – choosing behaviour

Email communication where necessary

Critical Conversations

Objective of the training: why critical conversations have to happen

Your credibility versus the company’s reputation and profit

how to say ‘no’ when you really want to say ‘yes’

Buying yourself time

Preparing to give bad news

Preparing to give difficult news

Feedback from the sessions

Lets Go Large

1) I thought it was excellent,
Margaret was really good, she didn’t rush it and made sure we understood what she was saying.
Learnt a lot of basic training techniques

2) Hi Rog,
Really enjoyed it, learnt lots of useful ways to chat to customers.
Looking forward to further sessions.

3) Hi Roger,
I found the training SO SO helpful, Margaret is a great teacher with lots of knowledge.
So many things for me to work on if only I could have had a lesson like that before I started working through my redlist contacting customers I feel I would of a got a lot more out of every phone call and better chance developing a good database.
Can’t wait for the next session.
Thank you very much

Competent Communication

1) I thought the training session was very good. I found it very useful and relevant and I will definitely be thinking back to the things I learnt when I next have a meeting. I think Margaret is really good at getting everyone involved and keeping everyone interested and managed to give us some really good knowledge.

2) I enjoyed it Roger, it was beneficial, could maybe do with a bit more time in the day as we didn’t get the full session finished, she did say she will finish it when she is next here though.

3) I thought it was very good Roger.
I’ve never had training from Margaret before but she was very enthusiastic, easy to get on with, informative and extremely knowledgeable.

Customer Feedback

Thank you

Let’s Start a Conversation